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  2. Would anyone be interested in doing a cover of one of my songs?

    Something from here:

  3. Phantom flooding,
    tandem apologies
    greeting the passed tides
    that never were,
    or, sadly,
    never could shore;
    Once quite sure, at one
    lands point,
    but too translucent
    to transcend,
    now time is spent
    hoping for a three-skipped
    rock like a feathered star shooting.

  4. As valued as silver fuming,
    vapors down the pipeline,
    crystals puncturing airbags,
    from disorientation,
    distorted diamonds drive
    my body unwise.

  5. Your liquid body
    was never solid to me.
    You changed for everyone,
    no matter the cost.

  6. Stillness in a casket,
    Cascader of rings,
    sliding, roundly,
    coned into the darker portion,
    to the symbol of 
    what disconnects the pleasure
    from the peasants and
    the dangers
    from the daggers.
    A bouquet round
    and firm,
    firmly planted on the bottom floor
    for death to grave, and rest, and more.

  7. Athletic Strain

    fit enough for the elites
    in one realm
    and bruising the
    preschoolers or mother’s petite.
    Grown men making
    words that have meaning
    demeaning without words.
    both strong and fit,
    and unfit for family life,
    unable to shed anger like
    a block or a pick or new layer
    from trash talk.
    No they are the waste speaking,
    wasting air with cutting tongues
    sly on the woman they so choose
    to pursue in an unknown primitive dance
    for unknown pregnancy to occur, or
    even willingly placing a child in the womb
    to spook when they arrive,
    to display dominance and intimidate the enemy,
    their own self doubt in what it takes to be a man

  8. It’s the thought of being sick that makes most ill.