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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Nolan O'Malley
  1. Show me love that burns to pieces,
    spoken on tongues
    that express the feeling.
    I’m unknown to you,
    yet caring.
    You speak to me
    and your love fills sparingly.

  2. On the side of the road

    Stuck to the feathers,
    lacquered pale,
    bone covering jacket,
    red leather smeared
    seat cushions.
    Winged cross-reference,
    hunting down the pavement,
    alignment to the mirror,
    why did they cross?

    A tumble over,
    a flop generated
    to stun the fish
    like great tales at sea,
    a whale in defense.

    Coral make by land
    coiled in the grill,
    facing the sun,
    broken teeth.

    Night mealer,
    stalking the walkway,
    struck by daylight,
    meal for darkness,
    meal for family.

  3. I will be the entire entity
    that ends my discussion.

  4. Love thy neighbor
    or let your words fall like shells,
    wolves feasting on your cul-de-sac.

  5. Dying of old age,
    fibers dilating
    under the fluttered
    filling light,
    filing paperwork,
    checking on family members,
    marking the box
    for a plethora of problems,
    pandora’s box with a crank handle
    from the youngest son of his son.

  6. Memorize my lips,
    master my body,
    mesmerized by your touch,
    marked by your skin.

  7. I forgot today,
    as if it had been blown away.
    I forgot this morn,
    half pass of the sun,
    and the eve when it is gone.
    I forgot the sound of waking bell,
    and the shot of sleeping smells.
    I forgot the grueling working hours,
    and the ones tilling poppy flowers.
    I forgot my nightly prayer,
    and will never wake to figures aired.

  8. He’s the one that fell asleep, 
    bled to death on satin sheets; 
    let the dog break out of cage, 
    snacking on packs of saltines. 
    Inevitably feeding, 
    on owner’s bones, 
    led beast, too distressed, to snack 
    and fall asleep alone. 
    Home, for weeks, 
    left to cave, 
    knocked on doors, 
    weeks out of grave; 
    cremation essential, 
    life abandoned: 
    significance – none, 
    funeral home – typical attraction.