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  1. Burns, bun, 
    and guns 
    full of turns, 
    fiery she-devil, 
    she was. 

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  3. It’s sad that we can’t exist with the beauty we trail.

  4. Clavicles as permanent icicles 
    drenched in sweat, 
    falling off the bone 
    like smoked meats, 
    breakable in certain weather 
    and intimacy. 

  5. My adventure bridges at the end.

  6. You don’t owe me,
    you own me.

  7. acervate music,
    crashing cymbals
    into crashing cars.

  8. Basket

    Wicker baskets 
    filled with aged potpourri 
    faired in smelling 
    but no longer swift, 
    cloaked in greyed dust 
    from fan blades 
    calling to nose-irritating cotton candy 
    created in circles above; 
    the baskets with loosening skeleton, 
    a misshaped oval, 
    and misplaced home decoration 
    from a decade prior 
    compass the room 
    in different spots 
    regardless if the kids are home 
    or if the father has passed, 
    somehow the wicker basket 
    remains steady as a rock, 
    weighing down the interior.